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Grant from NLnet

We are thrilled to announce that Commune will be the recipient of a grant from the NLnet organisation, as part of their NGI Zero Entrust programme.

NGI Zero actively works towards digital commons and trustworthy technological building blocks for the next generation of the internet. The goal is to provide people with concrete new tools and more reliable infrastructure, which grant them privacy and data portability, provide better overall security and allow them more agency and choice.

All of these funds will go towards Commune dev-time as we push towards a v1.0 release in the first half of 2024. Here's the tentative roadmap:

  • Federation between Matrix instances
  • Discord integration
  • Social login support, OIDC
  • Private spaces/boards and Encrypted DMs
  • Simplify self-hosting deployment
  • Essential Commune improvements
  • Basic ActivityPub support for interacting with the fediverse

Money keeps the lights on, so we are very thankful for this assistance 🙏

However, NLnet's validation of our vision has been every bit as important to us. We've been going at this for three years now, starting in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. That's plenty of time to ponder "what's the point?", which is a question prone to uninspired answers in the midst of cataclysmic events.

But as we found our bearings once more at the start of this year and began sharing our vision, it resonated. People cared, and on days when the point seemed pointless, fellow internet builders, advocates and activists were always around to re-instill in us a sense of common purpose and solidarity. The fine people at NLnet are the last in a long line of fellows who give our work meaning.

Thank you!

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